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  • Hunan Zhengzhong Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd,is a private limited liability company transformed from Changsha]....【See more】

    Focus Head Detection Device for Inspection Equipment 2012.11
    Bottle Gripper for Inspection Equipment 2012.11
    Bottle Discharging Device 2009.7
    Servo Tracking Device for Inspection Equipment 2009.6
    Seeking for Talented Persons in Campus
    2016, Begin with New Product
    A Happy Anniversary
    Business Trip to India

    Products/Automatic Plastic Infusion Bottle Impurity Inspection Machine

    RJL3000 Softbag Automatic Electronical Micropore Inspection Machine

    SJL200 Infusion Bottle Automatic Electronical Micropore Leak Inspector

    AJL-300,AJL-500 Ampoule Injection Electronical Micropore Leakiness Inspector

    JAYL400/1~20 Ampoule Inspection Machine