Business Trip to India

Business Trip to India

2015/11/18 18:11
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In June 2014, I was very proud to have opportunity to go to India Claris pharmaceutical company to install and debug our AJL300 ampoule electronic leak inspection machine.

In the moment of setting foot on India, deeply exotic amorous feeling comes into my heart. As the world's ancient civilizations, the holy land of Buddhism, the west of tianzhu in "journey to the west", now my feet are on this ancient land. Here, no matter which place you are in, someone will come to greet you; No matter where you go, you will see a friendly smile.
Our ampoule electronic leak inspection machine, in advantage of  exquisite design and excellent performance, no more than 10 days, passed the acceptance inspection of India Claris company.
In May 2015, Claris company purchased  AJL300 ampoule electronic leak inspection machine again. And added a set of vial electronic leak inspection machine also. In August, I was sent to India again to complete the follow-up equipment’s debugging. After more than 20 days’ efforts, the acceptance inspection were passed successfully. Indian pharmaceutical industry operators and I become to good friends. India Claris company is satisfied with our products and services very much and their boss give us high praise when we left.
I believe in the near future, Our high-end pharmaceutical equipments, will be like "high-speed business card" in China, to serve more of the pharmaceutical enterprises in the world.

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